Tai Chi: Exercise for Lifelong Health and Well-being


Tai Chi: Exercise for Lifelong Health and Well-being

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Tai Chi: Exercise for Lifelong Health and Well-being (DVD)

With Tricia Yu
90 minutes © 1999

To learn more about Yang Style Tai Chi click here

DVD #1: Exercise for Lifelong Health and Well-Being: Yang Style Short Form, Cheng Man-ch’ing Lineage
90 minutes (See Related Items listed below for description.)

Tricia Yu reviews the Yang Style short form (Cheng Man-ch’ing lineage), its principles, and its philosophy. Using her insights from 28 years’ experience in teaching tai chi, she presents the form in a clear and easy-to-learn format amidst beautiful settings. This video is especially useful as a daily practice resource for people with experience in Yang Style tai chi.

The video provides 90 minutes of instruction and includes:

  • Introduction: history, philosophy, health benefits, and practical applications of tai chi (8 min).
  • Demonstration of the form: front view (11 min).
  • Teaching in five sections (60 min). Each section includes:
    • Basic principles
    • Step-by-step form review
    • Perspectives for integrating tai chi processes into daily life
    • Guided practice of each section
  • Guided practice: back view (11 min)

The teaching section is filmed with a mirrored backdrop that allows the viewer to see the movements simultaneously from three angles – front, back, and sides. The Demonstration and Guided Practice are done in tranquil, beautiful outdoor settings. Peaceful music that was composed and performed by Tricia Yu provides a relaxing element throughout the program.

Recommended by Harvard Women’s Health Watch. Editors Choice and four star **** rating from Video Librarian.

Reviews of Tai Chi: Exercise for Lifelong Health and Well-Being

“This video supports practice of essential Tai Chi principles. It covers many aspects in the study of Tai Chi that flow together gracefully– a beautiful video.”
Maggie Newman, Master Tai Chi Instructor

“A valuable in-home resource for students of tai chi who want to move beyond the basics. –A beautifully filmed program featuring detailed instruction from a skilled teacher, this is highly recommended.”
Editors Choice Video Librarian

“Tricia Yu’s Tai Chi video is instructive, artistic and beautiful. It offers helpful directions and attention to principles. This video encompasses yin and yang: the yin of stunning locations and poetic allusions and the yang of informative guidance in body mechanics.”
Judyth Weaver, Ph.D., Senior Tai Chi Instructor

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