Tai Chi Prime Home Practice Coaching

Regular home practice is key to the success of Tai Chi Prime. This is in keeping with guidelines from the tai chi masters: practice—even if just a little —EVERY DAY!  With this in mind, the classes include an innovative program for coaching participants on ways to establish and maintain regular home practice routines.

Practicing Fab Four move: High Step at home.
Practicing Fab Four move: High Step at home

All Tai Chi Prime Participants:

  • Have a required DVD and optional book to support  home practice
  • Receive a “Participant Home Practice Guide” with instructions for using the DVD and book as well as other home practice strategies
  • Design their own “home practice planner” with guidance from the class leader
  • Are encouraged to practice at home at least 5-15 minutes a day
  • Monitor their home practice each day on a “home practice tracker”
  • Discuss progress, challenges and strategies for success with the group
Practicing Tai Chi Stance  at home.
Practicing Tai Chi Stance  at home

Home Practice Options

Here are ideas for short, accessible practice routines:

  • Follow along with the DVD for part or all of the following:
  • Practice on your own, reviewing whatever is recalled from the Basic Moves and/or TCF Short Form, at home, outside, or anywhere that is quiet and undisturbed.
  • Embed Fab Four Basic Moves for Balance into daily activities, just for a minute or two. For example: while standing at counter, making coffee or waiting in line. The Fab Four, which participants learn by the second class, were selected from the 20 Basic Moves.
  • Practice Centering  or other tai chi Mind/body skills anytime in any situation to help calm down, get in touch with your body and be more fully present.

Participant Comments

“Very helpful in strengthening myself for much better balance & awareness of my thoughts & body.”

“The DVD was the most useful thing in the class. Emphasis should be placed on using it early.”