Become a Tai Chi Prime Class Leader

Becoming a Tai Chi Prime Leader can change your life and be of great service to others.

Tai Chi Prime leaders require more rigorous training than most other simplified tai chi programs. To meet our high standards, Tai Chi Prime leaders first must become certified in the Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program (TCFA). This can take 3-8 months and involves attending at least 30 hours of training courses, establishing your own home practice routine using your TCFA home practice book and DVDsand successfully completing TCFA certification movement and written exams. During the certification process you will develop skills as a teacher and can launch a part-time or full-time career teaching tai chi.

Once you are TCFA Certified, you can attend the Tai Chi Prime Leader Training and become a leader for the evidence-based  Tai Chi Prime classes.

Steps for Becoming a Tai Chi Prime Leader

The following guide provides detailed information for you as a Tai Chi Prime Leader and for organizations interested in sponsoring Tai Chi Prime classes: Tai Chi Prime Guide for Leaders and Sponsors (PDF)

Is Becoming a Tai Chi Prime Leader a Fit for You?

Tai Chi Prime Master Teacher Diane Brose, leads  class.
Tai Chi Prime Master Teacher Diane Brose, leads a class

We have found that people who answer Yes to most of the following questions are good candidates for becoming a leader

  • Are you motivated to learn and practice tai chi, which is slow, quiet and relaxed?
  • Are you interested in teaching tai chi, possibly regularly and for the long run?
  • Do you have skill in learning movement? Or are you disciplined and motivated?
  • Do you have experience in fitness training, martial arts, dance, tai chi or sports, or are a physical or occupational therapist?
  • Do you have experience leading groups?
  • Do you have time to take at least 30 hours of training, and to practice regularly?
  • Do you have the ability and motivation to learn and memorize movement sequences?
  • Do you have the necessary time available for ongoing practice and teaching classes?
  • Do you have the physical and mental fitness to stand and teach for two hours?
  • Are you willing to take direction necessary for modeling tai chi accurately and safely?

As a Tai Chi Prime Leader, you will have access to a Tai Chi Health password-protected site with brochures, posters and Power Point presentations to tailor for promoting your classes, plus handouts to reproduce for class participants.

Quotes from Tai Chi Prime Leaders

“It was a joy to see the excitement about Tai Chi Prime and the improvement participants made after only 6 weeks.” – Patricia Culotti

“I am impressed by how effective the Tai Chi Prime curriculum is at teaching participants who have never practiced tai chi before. I have learned a lot about teaching from Tai Chi Prime that I continue to use in my other classes.” – Rachel Sandretto

“I am delighted to offer Tai Chi Prime to my students and clients of ALL abilities. I love teaching it, and seeing the improvements in the participants in just 6 weeks. I’ve also found that I have personally benefited from the mindfulness aspect included in this program, too!” – Diane Brose