Steps for Becoming a Tai Chi Prime Leader

In order to become a Tai Chi Prime Leader, first, get certified in the Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program (TCFA). This gives you the tai chi and qi gong skills required for  teaching Tai Chi Prime classes. It  takes most people 3-8 months to  become TCFA certified, less for those with previous tai chi experience.

Once you are TCFA certified, attend the Tai Chi Prime Leader Training which orients you to the curriculum and provides training in home practice coaching and group discussion leader skills.

Tai Chi Prime Leader Training Pathway
First, become certified in the Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program
30 contact hours minimum

1. Attend Course One: TCFA Basic Moves Training Course – 12 hours.
No prerequisites.
Choose one of the following sets: Required Book and 3-DVD Set or Recommended Set for Health Professionals 
(includes required book, 3-DVD Set plus additional DVD with PT movement analysis and applications). 

2. Attend Course Two: TCF Adapted Program Short Form Course – 12 hours.
Prerequisite: Course One. No additional books and DVDs  required.

3. Attend Movement IntensiveReview what you learned in Courses One and Two– 6 hours. Prerequisite: Courses One and Two

4. Take Private Certification Readiness Evaluation with a TCF Certified instructor when you have memorized all movements and can accurately demonstrate and teach Basic Moves and demonstrate the TCF Short Form.  This Can be done in person or remote via video.  Once you have the GO:

5. Apply for Certification

6. Complete Written Exam and Movement Test with a TCF Certification Reviewer. Demonstrate proficiency in movement performance, teaching  and how to do postural adjustments for students. Demonstrate knowledge of guidelines, benefits, program rationale

7.  Congratulations, you are a certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program instructor!

8.  Attend a Tai Chi Prime Leader Training  8 hours. Prerequisite: Certification in TCFA

9.  Congratulations, you are a Tai Chi Prime Leader!