Original Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Certification Requirements

The Original Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program (TCF) is performed standing without support and is a gateway to learning traditional Yang Style tai chi. More information on TCF.  Includes video demonstration of program elements.

As a certified instructor, you will have the skills to effectively teach tai chi and be able to launch a part or full-time career teaching it if you wish. 

Our certified instructors must demonstrate that they can properly perform all movements, have memorized the simple-to-complex sequence for teaching them, and have proficiency in teaching important mind/body skills, such as breath awareness and relaxed movement.  They also must know how to give appropriate and effective physical feedback to participants to help their alignment, an essential component of good balance and healthy energy flow. This takes training and practice.

It takes most people 4-12 months to get certified in the  Original Tai Chi Fundamentals (TCF) Program, less for those with previous tai chi experience.

Click here for Certification Requirements (PDF)

Practice on your own with your required home practice books and DVDs.
Regular home practice is necessary for learning all program elements.

Course Requirements: 30 contact hours minimum

  1. Attend Course One: TCFA Basic Moves Training Course – 12 hours. No prerequisites. Required materials; recommended DVD for health professionals.  Note: everyone starts here with instruction in the Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program (TCFA).
  2. Attend Course Three: Original TCF Program Form Training Course– 12 hours. Please note: No need to take Course Two. Additional required materials
  3. Attend Movement IntensiveReview what you learned in Courses One and Three  6 hours, Prerequisite: Courses One and Three
  4. Take Private Certification Readiness Evaluation with a TCF Certified instructor when you have memorized all movements and can accurately demonstrate and teach Basic Moves and demonstrate the Form. Can be done in person or remote via video.  Once you have the GO:
  5. Apply for Certification, complete Written Exam and Movement Test with a TCF Certification Reviewer. Demonstrate proficiency in movement performance and knowledge of guidelines, benefits, program rationale and how to do postural adjustments for students.

Congratulations, you are  certified  to teach the Original Tai Chi Fundamentals Program®!