Tai Chi Fundamentals for Health Professionals and Instructors (DVD)


Tai Chi Fundamentals for Health Professionals and Instructors (DVD)

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Tai Chi Fundamentals: For Health Professionals and Instructors
DVD 60 Minutes ©2004

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This DVD includes background information on tai chi and its researched health effects. It also includes movement training by Tricia Yu and movement analysis by Jill Johnson, MS., PT., GCS. It is ideal both for learning tai chi and for becoming acquainted with tai chi’s therapeutic and functional applications.

This DVD can serve as a professional in-service and presentation tool for peer education. The program features instruction and guided practice in the basic Movement Patterns of tai chi. A review of clinical applications and functional benefits accompanies each movement, including demonstrations in classroom, home health, and rehab settings with clients of all ages. A mirrored back-drop allows the viewer to see the movement simultaneously from three angles. Guided practice sessions in tranquil, beautiful outdoor settings are accompanied by peaceful music.

The program includes:

  • Program Introduction and Overview of Health Effects (4.5 min)
  • Tai Chi Fundamentals Form Demonstration: (4.5 min)
  • Analysis of all Movement Patterns (14 Min)
  • Guided Practice in all Movement Patterns: (11 min)
  • Movement Pattern Instruction in Three Sections: (25 min)
  • Analysis and Guided Practice of Individual Movement Patterns

About the Fundamentals Program:

The Tai Chi Fundamentals Program offers a clear system for mastering the basics of tai chi while retaining the integrity of traditional Yang Style tai chi, Cheng Man Ch’ing lineage. This program is designed to make tai chi clear and accessible for beginners with a wide range of abilities, and for experienced practitioners wishing to refine essential groundwork. The program includes training in alignment, grounding, and core movement presented in a sequence that progresses from simple to complex moves. It also provides perspectives on the practical wisdom of this ancient exercise and its applications for daily life. Whether you are learning it for the first time, or reviewing in detail, this program can help you develop and maintain a solid foundation for your tai chi practice.

Growing numbers of tai chi instructors are discovering that this program enhances learning for both introductory and advanced level students. Heathcare professionals and fitness instructors are also integrating it into a number of their programs. First, Tai Chi Fundamentals teaches you how to move correctly when you practice tai chi. The Basic Moves, also called Movement Patterns, provide training in the natural, efficient, and safe body movement of tai chi. They also provide practice in coordinating breathing with movement and staying relaxed while in motion. Each movement integrates the skills from the preceding movement and progresses in difficulty. The program then offers step-by-step instruction in the simplified Fundamentals Form. The movements in the Form progress from simple to more complex and correspond to the Basic Moves.

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