ROM Dance: Sunlight, Moonlight & Seated (DVD)


ROM Dance: Sunlight, Moonlight & Seated (DVD)

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ROM Dance: Sunlight, Moonlight & Seated (DVD)

DVD 60 minutes ©2005
Movement performed for both seated and standing, and for wheelchair use.

For more information about the ROM Dance Program, click here.

The ROM Dance (ROM stands for Range Of Motion) is gentle, easy to learn, and takes just a few moments to do. This DVD provides guided practice in three versions of the ROM Dance accompanied by soothing music and verse with healing imagery of sunlight, water, and friendship. It includes movement instruction and guided relaxation with Tricia Yu, and an overview of the ROM Dance principles and applications by Occupational Therapist Diane Harlowe, MS., OTR., FAOTA. Designed for both professional and individual home use, it is ideal both for individual home practice and for leading group sessions.

This DVD includes:

  • Guided practice of all versions
  • Detailed instruction in the large joint movements (performed both seated and standing) and the seated hand exercises
  • Guided relaxation session
  • Seven Principles of the ROM Dance
  • Group discussion of benefits

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