ROM Dance: Poems and Guided Relaxation Exercises (CD)


ROM Dance: Poems and Guided Relaxation Exercises (CD)

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ROM Dance: Poems and Guide Relaxation Exercises (CD)
Audio CD 55 minutes ©1999

For more information about the ROM Dance Program, click here.

This CD includes all three variations of the ROM Dance poems: ROM Dance in Sunlight, ROM Dance in Moonlight, and ROM Dance Seated Version. In addition, it includes two guided relaxation exercises. It is an excellent way to deeply relax and rejuvenate and can be used for both group and individual practice.

ROM Dance poems can accompany the ROM Dance movements once they have been learned and are also excellent guided imagery for relaxation. The relaxation exercises include a Body Awareness and Breathing exercise that provides a gentle, guided relaxation that helps get the mind and body attuned. Soothing Meditation provides a gentle, guided relaxation exercise that fosters a sense of healing flow within.

Some excerpts from the ROM Dance poems are as follows:

“I am sitting at a quiet beach—warm waves lap at my feet as they dangle in the water—I scoop the warm water over my head, covering me with a warm waterfall—I gather the light over my shoulders and it feels good—someone comes to my beach who will be my friend—we know that somehow, in some way, we will be together.”

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