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Old Love

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 | 2 comments

September 6, 2015

This blog is a new venture. At almost 71 years old, I have a few tales to tell and much to reflect on about tai chi and qi gong, family, keeping in touch with the earth and more. Look for a post about  once  a month on topics dear to my heart, and hopefully, to yours.

 Drink water, remember source.
Chinese Proverb

My Dad and Mom were happily married for 78 years. Kind hearted, adventurous and practical, they were great parents. I miss them, think of them every day, and  they are often in my dreams.

After moving to Taos, NM, I would visit them in Colorado Springs for a few days each month. Dad and I would always whip up a quart of homemade vanilla ice cream with a supply of our homemade  Famous Chocolate Sauce at the ready. Often, we baked a pie complete with Dad’s famous vodka crust.

July 2013, just weeks before his 101st  birthday, Dad was still on his feet and mentally alert as ever. One evening I found him in bed, propped up with pillows, reading about his first date with Mom in his old diary.  I lay down beside him as he reminisced about their young romance, their wonderful life together and his enduring love for her. Presently, Mom, 97,  came shuffling in with her walker and I scooted over so that she could snuggle with Dad. Soon they both drifted off to sleep. That was their last night together. Two days later he was gone.

During the next year as  my sister Barbara and I cleared out our family home of over 60 years, we unearthed some of Dad’s recent love letters to Mom.  Here is a letter that he wrote to celebrate their 70th  anniversary.

September 6, 2004:

Dearest Mildred,

In 1932, during the great depression, we pledged ourselves to each other not knowing what the future would bring but sure that, together, we would overcome the uncertainties ahead. What a happy day that was!

Seventy years later, we have shared our life and love with a wonderful family. Always being in love and being together has made possible these 70 years of marriage, and for each day that is granted to us, we are truly grateful.

Since that first date, I have been in love with you. I have always been grateful that we had that date and that I was able to recognize at that time that you were the one with whom I wanted to spend my life.

And now on our 70th anniversary to you, I say
 I loved you then, love you now, and always.

Your Bob