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Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Overview

If you’re a beginner seeking a simplified approach to learning Tai Chi basics, this Yang style lineage program is designed for you. Whether you are in your 20’s or your 70’s, an athlete or couch potato, in peak form or dealing with painful and limiting health conditions, you can enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi Fundamentals® for many years to come.

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Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Introduction

Begin by learning the program’s Basic Moves AKA Movement Patterns. They help prepare you for doing Tai Chi and benefit posture, coordination, centering and balance. Once you are comfortable with Basic Moves, start learning the form. As you progress in the program, the movements become more complex, building on what you have learned before. Start now and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

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Basic Moves

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form Demonstration


If you’re a beginner seeking a systematic, simplified approach to learning Tai Chi basics, this Tai Chi Fundamentals® DVD is designed for you.

Tai Chi Fundamentals® for Mastering Tai Chi Basics DVD Overview