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Celebrate the return of the Light.

Posted by on Dec 3, 2017 | 3 comments

We are in the darkest season now and soon will welcome the return of the light. We share this yearly passage with every inhabitant of our planet, regardless of their worldview, religion or culture. The sun’s light illuminates and nurtures all life.

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We can look up anytime and marvel at the light of the sun, the stars, the moon.  Seeing light inspires and uplifts us. Imagining light nurtures our spirits.  Yet consider all the waking hours we spend looking down- at our cell phones and at the ground as we ruminate; we stare without seeing, our minds filled with an endless stream of things and events: what will, did, or did not happen, what we want and don’t want,  and our thoughts, feelings, judgments and worries about it all. This cluttered and often disturbing  diet over stimulates our nervous systems, inflames our tissue and depletes our personal energy, especially when infused with fear anxiety.

“Where our mind goes, our energy (qi) follows.”

“Where attention goes, energy flows”.
And, as countless mystics and sages have pointed out throughout the ages, our state of mind influences not only us, personally,
but everyone else as well.

The sun has no preference. It is not concerned with yesterdays, tomorrows, events and opinions.  It just shines. Be like the sun.  Look up. See the light.  Feel the lightness of laughter, deep listening, accepting, forgiving, connecting.   The light of love and joy affects you and all those whose lives you touch. Pick a phrase, or make one up. Visualize light, feel the incredible lightness of being. Let it fill you and the space around and beyond you. Give it a try, as often as you can remember.  Be the return of the light.

“Lighten up.”

“Light the room”

“Bathe in the light.”

“Hold steady in the light.”

“Shine like the sun.”

“Shine on.”

“See the light in everybody.”

“We are all the light.”

“I am filled with light”

“I am surrounded by light.”

“I am a light bearer.”


Here’s lightening up!




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